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Monthly Archive: May 2015

Try Salt to Reduce Dandruff

Direct one’s confidence decreases when knowing there is dandruff hair on his head to dominate the area. Without having to spend more, use of salt to prevent it. Salt is often used as a food flavor enhancer, has long been believed to prevent the growth of dandruff on the head. In fact, salt has been referred to as the enemy of man because it can lead to hypertension, may also increase the circulation of the scalp, absorbing excess oil and moisture, and prevents mold growth on the head.

Quoted from Health Me Up on Saturday (21.03.2015) we can use sea salt made into a scrub then rubbed on the head for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. After that, then washed using a suitable shampoo to the scalp and do not forget to use conditioner. Although salt is considered an enemy because it can lead to various diseases, but the salt is `teman` to beautify the human body. Moreover, sea salt. Sea salt is loaded with minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. This mineral is important for healthy skin. Put salt into everyday life that are used to treat the body beauty, handy to balance and fortify the scalp of dandruff.

Electronic pill Reportedly Could Make Women Slim!

Israeli technology companies MelCap Systems will create an electronic pill that can solve the problem of obesity. This sophisticated, new discoveries will resemble a tablet in general, just equipped with the latest technology. The function of the electronic pill is similar to a pacemaker abdominal muscles commonly used by obese patients who want to slim. Neither pacemaker abdominal muscles as well as electronic pill is affecting the vagus nerve. This nerve that will carry the signal from the stomach to the hypothalamus, the area around the brain which controls the appetite. By doing so, one’s appetite can be suppressed with the `menipu` their brains.

If the use of pacemakers and abdominal muscles have to go through the process of implantation and involve a number of wires to the vagus nerve, not the case with this electronic pill. Pills can be devoured with the aid of water and then controlled from outside the body with a smart phone application. Tam Fry of the National Obesity Forum welcomed the pill very sophisticated, which is planned to be launched in the near future. However, Fry asks how much it costs to be incurred to acquire this sophisticated pill. prices in electronic pill has not been announced. But certainly cost far less than the pacemaker abdominal muscles.

New Diabetes Medicinal Herbs, Seeds Rambutan

Two undergraduate student at finding innovative ways to prevent diabetes, namely with rambutan seed. Feni Juita Sari and Marleni are both 18-year-old is currently studying at the Faculty of Health Sciences University Ubudiyah, Banda Aceh. They discovered how to make drinks with rambutan seed. According Feni Juita, innovations that originated from the traditional medicine of Gayo Lues, where people drink from dried rambutan seed.

“We consider rambutan seed as something valuable and immediately discard it. But with studies based public health practice Gayo Lues, we find that the rambutan seed menganding many benefits of diabetes prevention,” said Feni Juita Once the closing ceremony of the International Engineering Invention and Innovation Exhibition The University Malaysia Perlis, Pauh, dated 21 April 2015. Feni Juita explains how to make drinks rambutan seed, that is by chopping into small seed before being dried in direct sunlight for two to three days until the color changed to yellow-black. Then the seeds were ground into powder, dissolved in water, and can be drunk. Should be consumed two to three times a day before meals. Instead, consumption is also adapted to sugar consumption needs of each individual.

Feni added that rambutan seed is not toxic and in fact, contain carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are able to meet the nutritional needs of each person. The study also proves ramutan seeds have 3- to 40 percent pure fat, fiber, starch, and stearic acid. The chemical composition is capable of reducing blood sugar levels. Marleni justify this statement. This innovation has attracted attention internationally, where some media experts from Jakarta to conduct research and development, even before the technology is commercialized.

According to the vice-chancellor Professor Datuk UNIMAP Kamarudin Hussin, this innovation is good news, of which 457 products have been developed by 600 participants from initial and secondary level, as well as local and foreign Tertiary institutions. “Cooperation between schools and universities, particularly in the field of research and development, has successfully brought innovation to the level where the industry and government would be interested and commercialize this product,” he said. Kamarudin also added that UNIMAP also prominent in the area of ​​innovation engineering, where they have developed 100 products. Where three of the products and one of them in construction techniques already in the level of commercialization.

Patients Ulcer, Gastric Pain Makes Milk?

Eating protein-rich milk and vitamins is good for health. But for people with ulcers or gastritis, you should be careful because the milk can cause stomach pain. As presented clinical nutrition specialist from Cipto Mangunkusumo, Inge Permadi, that milk is one that is difficult to digest animal protein in the body so that the ulcer, this condition causes high stomach acid.

“The ulcer is not not allowed to drink milk but be careful because the metabolism is different from the others. The process of digestion (digest) milk requires a high acid. So the people who were ulcer then drink the milk, the stomach can be sore,” Inge said on the sidelines -sela event `Brands Jakarta Health Week` in Senayan City, Jakarta, Tuesday (19/05/2015).

However, Inge provide special tricks for ulcer sufferers who want to drink milk. You do this by eating enough carbohydrates, after which a new drinking milk. In this way the stomach acid can move together to digest carbohydrates and milk, which can reduce pain.

Yoggy, and Delicious Yogurt Fat Free

Celebrating anniversary-6, Sour Sally, the leading frozen yogurt brand in Indonesia launched one new innovations, namely Yoggy Create Your Own Drink. Yoggy – Create Your Own Drink is a line of Sour Sally who brings the tea-based beverage products, milk tea, soda, crème, smoothies and protein shakes with different flavors, toppings and froyo Sour Sally. The difference is, you can create yourself with all the toppings you choose. For the beginning, Sour Sally outlets that provide Yoggy bar facilities will be available at the City Kasablanka and Central Park mall, Jakarta. In this bar, visitors can mengkreasikan drinks according to taste.

In addition, Yoggy also provide special concoction menu Crème, Smoothies, YoTea (Yogurt Tea), Yogurt Milk Protein Drink Tea and also containing powdered protein and fat free. So, you can consume this drink without guilt would be overweight. “Not just delicious, rich taste and choice, Yoggy also drink healthier, with a mixture of native fruit juice, without any artificial sweeteners and the Sour Sally Froyo that can be mixed or used as a topping, such as ice cream or whipped cream float,” said Frieda Vinita Adiyasa, Junior Brand Manager Sour Sally was quoted as saying in a press release.

Associated with taste, founder and CEO of Sour Sally, Donny Pramono encountered during a press conference birthday celebration in the city of Sour Sally Kassablanka , said that Peach Mango Cream with toppings, as well as Lychee Strawberry Milk Tea, a mainstay of this brand. Do not stop there, this Yoggy special drinks, Sour Sally prepared a special glass with materials that are more durable than glass normally. It was almost like a tumbler glass, and can be a collectible item or everyday wear during repeated. Price Yoggy priced from 20 thousand to 40 thousand dollars, which, according to Donny quite ‘friendly’ to the pockets of young people in urban areas. Well, let’s kreasikan Yoggy your own drinks.

High Protein Diet Low Karbo, Weight Increase fact

“A lot of eating protein and less carbohydrates can lose weight,” so ordinary that many people expressed to be slim. However, it is not approved by Spanish researchers based their studies because such a diet is actually unhealthy. According to a study conducted by researchers from the University Rovira i Virgili in Reus, Spain they found a pattern called the Atkins diet allows a person to gain weight. Even the risk of dying sooner than those who eat a balanced diet. To get these conclusions, researchers are looking for men and women at high risk of heart disease. During the five years of research carried out to assess how much protein consumption.

Once analyzed, those who undergo this diet program weight actually increased 10 percent and about 59 percent less likely to die during the study. “Protein intake is associated with higher long-term impact, this increases the risk of weight gain and cardiovascular disease hasten death,” explained researcher as reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (08/05/2015). In addition, researchers also revealed no evidence that a high protein diet is a strategy for long-term weight loss.

What Reasons People Water Consumption curd?

When opening a bottle of yogurt, do you ever find a strange liquid that is above? Most likely you do is get rid of the strange liquid before finally enjoy your yogurt. Make no mistake, it turns out some people consume liquid called whey or whey as quoted from page PureWow, Tuesday (03/17/2015). It is true, whey is a collection of fluid that is formed from milk that has thickened and hardened to make or in yoghurt. Actually, you can make it at home with minimal equipment and effort, do not have to buy them from suppliers.

So, why do they consume? Therefore, whey is rich in biological protein, good bacteria (probiotics), as well as calcium. Whey is also safe for consumption because it contains no fat. Whey believed to help expedite metabolism in the digestion and excellent for rehydrating after strenuous exercise. Maybe the first time you try it, you do not really like the taste of whey because of the sharp sour taste. Try to get used to. However, if you can not take the risk, try to mix water with lemon curd, apple sauce, or even a chicken broth that has been given little salt.

Eating Chocolate Makes Slim?

Want to lose weight faster? Eating dark chocolate. Seriously, a study published in the Archives of International Medicine found that chocolate effective when dieting. As reported Prevention, on Monday (04/27/2015) dark chocolate (dark chocolate) was believed to have health benefits for years. According to researchers, flavonoids shown to lower bad cholesterol, lowers high blood pressure, increases serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain, as well as weight loss. To explore this chocolate, researchers from Meinz, Germany puts participants at one of three low-carbohydrate diet. They were given as much as 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate (81{81dae84165e4cccac7a442d936d555798c37929731a71355184e495584cfe656}) per day.

Three weeks later, the low-carbohydrate group lost weight over 10 percent. “As we expected, the chocolate can help them get the ideal body weight. Amazingly, those who ate a bar of chocolate every day could go down faster,” said study author, Johannes Bohannon. “Cocoa contains many bioactive compounds that may play a role to lose weight. But more research is needed to see the metabolic reactions,” he said.

Tips to Make Body Mask of Melon

Melon is a fruit that has a soft texture and taste very sweet. No wonder the fruit of this one is quite favored by many people. Besides having a delicious taste, this round-shaped fruit also contains vitamins A and C, where both the content is not only beneficial to the body, but also beneficial to the skin when applied in a mask body. Then, how to make a mask body of melon? And what are the benefits that can be obtained with a mask body of the fruit if it is combined with other materials? The following reviews were launched from Boldsky Friday (02/27/2015).

Melon and salt can provide excellent benefits when combined. First, melon blender until smooth and then Mix with a tablespoon of salt. Rub in until evenly distributed throughout the body and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes. Melon and useful to hydrate the body’s salt and eliminate fine wrinkles. This is because the melon and salt have a very high water content. In addition to salt, melon can also be combined with sugar when applied in the form of a mask body. Melon and salt can provide positive benefits to the skin of the body from removing dead skin cells, regenerates the skin and make the skin younger and glowing. If you use brown sugar, then the skin will be more fragrant and fresh.

Blend until smooth melon with a cucumber. After that, mix with a tablespoon of salt mix until evenly distributed. Usapkanlah these materials throughout your body and let stand for 15 minutes. Melon and cucumber can provide benefits to the skin that moisturizes and makes the skin becomes more radiant. smooth four small pieces of melon with three strawberries, one tablespoon of honey and a tablespoon of oatmeal. Mix until evenly ago pulaslah in all parts of the body to your face. Let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water. These materials can make the skin moist, soft and smooth.

Sophisticated sensor’s Fart Your Diet Success

A powerful tool to keep track of health, may be used. This time, a company in New York created a gadget that can analyze fart to improve diet. As quoted by the Daily Mail, Thursday (04/29/2015) under normal conditions, the average person farts can be up to 13 times a day. The company is utilized creating a gadget called CH4. “Do you ever feel uncomfortable when sneezing, burping, or fart? What if you could control fart? Fart out due to digestive processes in the body that involves a gas such as hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide in your gut. If you can keep track of fart and the type of food you eat, you can avoid and improve digestive problems, “wrote the local press. A New York student who follow this project, Rodrigo Narciso, agreed that if this device could be the solution to everyday problems. “We have been working for several months on the first prototype. And the company said it would make this gadget is easy to use.”