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An appropriate drug for beginners

An anabolic steroid known to have mild or negligible side effects, the Anavar is widely preferred among bodybuilders and professional athletes to cut out the excess body fat and help to gain lean muscle mass alongside maintaining the much needed strength and stamina to achieve the desired results. At one time this drug was prescribed for burn victims and was known to give outstanding results like improved body composition, reduced catabolism, quickened healing and lessened bed rest. Though it is an oral steroid it gives out similar effects to that of injectable surplus and is a favourite among beginners who want to avoid injectable supplements initially. Research studies have shown the significant effects of this drug to reduce visceral fat contained in the stomach with proper exercise and diet routine.


The proper dosage recommendations

Anavar was often considered as a weak drug as steroid users had a belief that a class 1 steroid when used alone has no strong effects on the body. Many bodybuilders and professional users even compare this drug with similar other steroids judging the anabolic properties of it. They compare the dosage levels with that of other drugs and often mark it as weak and useless. Earlier this drug was available in dosage levels of 2.5mg Anavar tablets but recently many advanced doses have been developed to serve the purpose of using this drug. Since this drug is available in oral form knowing the right dosage can be much easier than compared to other steroids. It is sometimes recommended to take with grapefruit which is known to increase the effect of many medications. The standard dosage recommended is 30 to 50mg per day for men and 5 to 20mg daily for women. However, it is safe to follow a proper dosage cycle with 10 mg tablets under the consultation of a health physician to get the desired effects of this drug. Splitting the dosage into morning dose and pre-workout dose can be more effective for men and for women it is best divided into pre-workout and post-workout doses.

Necessity of PCT for Anavar users

The post cycle therapy plays a major role during your recovery period, irrespective of the anabolic steroid being used. The basic work of PCT is to produce follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone for communicating to the testosterone to produce more testosterone naturally for the body. Anavar being a mild anabolic steroid most bodybuilders refrain from running the Anavar PCT but the real fact is that if this supplement is continued for a period of more than three weeks the natural production of testosterone in the body comes to a halt. So, the best and the easiest way to bring back the normal testosterone production is by using the PCT after the steroid cycle. If you are following a 10days cycle with 10 mg tablets, you need not run PCT as the testosterone production levels in the body will reach to normal levels bout three days after the cycle.