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High Protein Diet Low Karbo, Weight Increase fact

“A lot of eating protein and less carbohydrates can lose weight,” so ordinary that many people expressed to be slim. However, it is not approved by Spanish researchers based their studies because such a diet is actually unhealthy. According to a study conducted by researchers from the University Rovira i Virgili in Reus, Spain they found a pattern called the Atkins diet allows a person to gain weight. Even the risk of dying sooner than those who eat a balanced diet. To get these conclusions, researchers are looking for men and women at high risk of heart disease. During the five years of research carried out to assess how much protein consumption.

Once analyzed, those who undergo this diet program weight actually increased 10 percent and about 59 percent less likely to die during the study. “Protein intake is associated with higher long-term impact, this increases the risk of weight gain and cardiovascular disease hasten death,” explained researcher as reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (08/05/2015). In addition, researchers also revealed no evidence that a high protein diet is a strategy for long-term weight loss.

This picture Ideal Men in the United States Up Australia

What kind of picture of your ideal man? The tall, athletic, sharp nose, white, or all of the criteria were not included in your standard? As his case women, men often get excited about with ‘standard’ physical qualities are often ‘taken’ the mass media through television and print advertising, fashion spreads in magazines or billboards. If a woman is made envy and the men crazy with the models sexy Victoria’s Secret like Alessandra Ambrossio or Behati Prinsloo, then figure what made Adam feel insecure amid their physical appearance? Before that, let’s trace back to the year 2012 and 2014.

Your Tango wrote, between 2012 to 2014 there has been increasing the number of care products for men up to 70 percent. In 2013 alone, the beauty industry showed an increase in sales of men’s products to $ 3.3 billion. These data indicate that men are also very concerned about their appearance like a woman of her case. The causes are quite varied, but suspected appearance of the white male celebrities and very masculine-faced role in this regard. According to BuzzFeed, in the United States, men like Chris Evans, Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt is rated as a picture of the ideal man today. There are similarities between them; white, muscular, athletic body and have a masculine look.

Not infrequently, many men consider it as the quality they should have to attract the opposite sex. Yes, in the United States almost all men agree that men most appeal are those who are white, or at least bright skin tone. Not much different from the United States, Brazil and South Africa also have a standard ideal man more or less the same. Although the majority of people in Brazil and South Africa and dark brown (In South Africa 79.6 percent of dark-skinned people), but has a white skin is still regarded as the ideal of beauty or handsomeness someone. Whitening and skin lightening product was sold in their country of birth and Charlize Theron Gisele Bundhcen it.

Likewise in South Korea, white skin, lays almost pucat– regarded as a symbol of cleanliness and innocence. That someone diligently taking care of themselves and more white, it will be assessed more beautiful / handsome. So no wonder if skin-whitening products quite popular in South Korea even though the majority of people there already white. While in Turkey and Italy, is the ideal man they were watching and taking care of her hair. Men Turkey will remove the fur regularly with waxing, while Italian men prefer arrange. Interestingly, in Italy the men can be ‘free’ to wear pink or purple colored clothing without having to worry about is called not macho. While in Nigeria and Mexico, looks macho or manly is the main thing.

Moving to Australia, the men in the land of kangaroos it prefers a muscular body. Many of them are willing to spend hours to form the muscles that make them look more masculine. Some of them also reportedly perform penis enlargement, lippsuction to ‘fix’ the ear shape. Data were obtained from about 196 city shows that not only women who feel insecure with his performance. Men were not separated from the pressure to be perfect.

Trivial, however Matters Here Can Cause Hearing Loss

Jakarta, Having a hearing loss until the hard of hearing? The most common cause is probably the factor of age or have been exposed to loud noises. But have you ever thought that other trivial matters it also can lead to hearing loss? Quoted from various sources on Friday (24/04/2015), age does have a close connection with a hearing loss that is felt by most adults. Exposure to loud noise can also cause interference with the function of the ear to hear. One of the trivial condition is bluffing or chattering teeth too often can cause you to have difficulty chewing, headaches, earaches, and even affect the ears and hearing loss. Teeth chattering frequent at night, but usually not realized by most people. When the jaw began to feel stiff and sore, then also having a seizure in the muscles of the inner ear. It is of major significance to result in loss of hearing in one or both ears. To overcome this, Prof. Andrew Eder advised to wear a mouthguard at night for those who experience this chattering teeth. Restorative dentistry specialist expert explained that the mouthguard can separate both the top and bottom teeth so relieve the surrounding joints.