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Eating Chocolate Makes Slim?

Want to lose weight faster? Eating dark chocolate. Seriously, a study published in the Archives of International Medicine found that chocolate effective when dieting. As reported Prevention, on Monday (04/27/2015) dark chocolate (dark chocolate) was believed to have health benefits for years. According to researchers, flavonoids shown to lower bad cholesterol, lowers high blood pressure, increases serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain, as well as weight loss. To explore this chocolate, researchers from Meinz, Germany puts participants at one of three low-carbohydrate diet. They were given as much as 1.5 ounces of dark chocolate (81{81dae84165e4cccac7a442d936d555798c37929731a71355184e495584cfe656}) per day.

Three weeks later, the low-carbohydrate group lost weight over 10 percent. “As we expected, the chocolate can help them get the ideal body weight. Amazingly, those who ate a bar of chocolate every day could go down faster,” said study author, Johannes Bohannon. “Cocoa contains many bioactive compounds that may play a role to lose weight. But more research is needed to see the metabolic reactions,” he said.