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Effective Ways to Lose Weight This Body

For those of you who are overweight and want to lose weight, it is accurate to how to reduce it? Setting the intake of calories into the body and light exercise regularly can reduce weight effectively.

“By regulating food intake through reduction of 500 calories per day for one week you can lose weight is 0.5 pounds for a week. It is expected that each month the reduced weight of no more than two pounds. It is healthy, yes,” said Head of Sub Directorate General of Work, Directorate of Occupational Health and Sports, Ministry of Health, dr. Imran Agus Nurali, SpKO met at the Hotel Le Meridien, Jakarta was written on Thursday (03/05/2015).

Then, accompanied regulation of food intake with mild to moderate aerobic exercise such as walking, brisk walking, cycling or swimming three times a week to help the body burn calories. Consistent also reduce caloric intake and mild aerobic exercise, weight can be decreased gradually instead of instantly. “So, do not lose weight instantly, for example 10 pounds per month it should not. The decrease excess weight can make the kidneys and the liver is damaged,” the doctor said Imran.