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Electronic pill Reportedly Could Make Women Slim!

Israeli technology companies MelCap Systems will create an electronic pill that can solve the problem of obesity. This sophisticated, new discoveries will resemble a tablet in general, just equipped with the latest technology. The function of the electronic pill is similar to a pacemaker abdominal muscles commonly used by obese patients who want to slim. Neither pacemaker abdominal muscles as well as electronic pill is affecting the vagus nerve. This nerve that will carry the signal from the stomach to the hypothalamus, the area around the brain which controls the appetite. By doing so, one’s appetite can be suppressed with the `menipu` their brains.

If the use of pacemakers and abdominal muscles have to go through the process of implantation and involve a number of wires to the vagus nerve, not the case with this electronic pill. Pills can be devoured with the aid of water and then controlled from outside the body with a smart phone application. Tam Fry of the National Obesity Forum welcomed the pill very sophisticated, which is planned to be launched in the near future. However, Fry asks how much it costs to be incurred to acquire this sophisticated pill. prices in electronic pill has not been announced. But certainly cost far less than the pacemaker abdominal muscles.