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New Diabetes Medicinal Herbs, Seeds Rambutan

Two undergraduate student at finding innovative ways to prevent diabetes, namely with rambutan seed. Feni Juita Sari and Marleni are both 18-year-old is currently studying at the Faculty of Health Sciences University Ubudiyah, Banda Aceh. They discovered how to make drinks with rambutan seed. According Feni Juita, innovations that originated from the traditional medicine of Gayo Lues, where people drink from dried rambutan seed.

“We consider rambutan seed as something valuable and immediately discard it. But with studies based public health practice Gayo Lues, we find that the rambutan seed menganding many benefits of diabetes prevention,” said Feni Juita Once the closing ceremony of the International Engineering Invention and Innovation Exhibition The University Malaysia Perlis, Pauh, dated 21 April 2015. Feni Juita explains how to make drinks rambutan seed, that is by chopping into small seed before being dried in direct sunlight for two to three days until the color changed to yellow-black. Then the seeds were ground into powder, dissolved in water, and can be drunk. Should be consumed two to three times a day before meals. Instead, consumption is also adapted to sugar consumption needs of each individual.

Feni added that rambutan seed is not toxic and in fact, contain carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are able to meet the nutritional needs of each person. The study also proves ramutan seeds have 3- to 40 percent pure fat, fiber, starch, and stearic acid. The chemical composition is capable of reducing blood sugar levels. Marleni justify this statement. This innovation has attracted attention internationally, where some media experts from Jakarta to conduct research and development, even before the technology is commercialized.

According to the vice-chancellor Professor Datuk UNIMAP Kamarudin Hussin, this innovation is good news, of which 457 products have been developed by 600 participants from initial and secondary level, as well as local and foreign Tertiary institutions. “Cooperation between schools and universities, particularly in the field of research and development, has successfully brought innovation to the level where the industry and government would be interested and commercialize this product,” he said. Kamarudin also added that UNIMAP also prominent in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinnovation engineering, where they have developed 100 products. Where three of the products and one of them in construction techniques already in the level of commercialization.